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We have created the only real digital stethoscope for android devices and yes its free!
experience from phones to tablets.

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Android Stethoscope & Mobile HealthTools


Heart Sounds

Listen and record heart sounds using your android device.


Med Launcher

With Med Launcher, have all of the useful apps in one place.



A calculator is always handy in analysing patient data.



Advanced DSP plugins will process input signal and let you hear what meant to hear.

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Sound Enhancer

Will amplify low frequency heart sounds to increase ability to hear sounds that our ears can not normally hear. A complex FFT algorithm(Fast Fourier transform) is applied to apply an efficient bass boost filter.

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Echo Canceller

Every android device has a sound card.In those without high quality sound cards, there will be an echo in high sound volumes while auscultating. This FFT plugin will reduce the amount of echo.

Sound Normaliser

Sound Normaliser

Automatically normalizes the output of the captured signal by boosting or lowering the input from the microphone to match a consistent level so that the output signal level is virtually stable.

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Sound Filter

This advanced DSP plugin, will filter out all unrelated audio signals and only allow low frequency cardiopulmonary signals known as low-pass-filter.

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We are a group of enthusiastic health care workers interested in experiencing new methods to aid patients. If you are interested too, drop us an email.

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